Hi. My true name is Lady Victoria Deanna Pepperell but everybody calls me Tori and I belong to the proud and ancient breed of English Springer Spaniels. Chrissie was in her first year of veterinary school when I, a bouncy, happy-go-lucky six month old puppy, came to share her life. I am always pleased to hear that she gives me full credit for helping her through the long years of hard work in vet school; it wasn't always easy staying awake with her through the endless hours of studying in the night, keeping her spirits up when things got difficult and reminding her what it was all about. But we both agree that it was well worth it.

Now I'm getting on in years and I've settled down to a more quiet life, sharing Chrissie and our apartment with a very nice cat who has become my good buddy. I get to visit my adopted grandparents (Dad & Mom Foster) quite often which is great fun as they share my philosophy that true happiness in life can only be found in the wanton indulgence of animals.

I value having a companion like Chrissie who understands animals so well. She enjoys and appreciates all our fine qualities and I think of myself as a very lucky dog.

... in memory of Tori who recently became one of our guardian angels.

Tally spent her days supervising the doves at the bird feeder and her nights on cricket duty in the kitchen. At precisely 5pm every weeknight she would awake from her afternoon nap to wait at the door for her favorite "dad" to arrive home from work. In the fall when the temperature dropped and the fireplace was lit, she claimed the best seat in the house: front and center, as her own. Tally was a die hard Washington Redskins fan ( she watched every game ) and her very favorite pasttime was helping her dad in the workshop. She was a member of the family, as all of our loved companions should be. When we lost her to an incurable disease, we were all left with sadness and an empty home. As her image smiles down at us from the top of our van, she is a constant reminder to all of us of the abundant love and happiness that our pets bring to our lives.

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