For Existing Clients:

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is the relationship that we develop with each of our patients. Although our arrival is not always their idea of fun, most of our patients look forward to visitors who come to their house just to see them. Here are just a few of our patients who touch our lives and make our job so much fun !

"Maybe Dr.Foster won't notice if I slip out this window..."

D.B's job is to sit here and look cute!

We just love having our picture taken with our sister Kelly. We both love to play outside and retrieve sticks and balls. I'm Butter on the left and I'm Sunny on the right, and oh yeah, thats Kelly in the middle.

I'm Sunny and I can't wait to get out to the lake and go swimming. You can't keep me out of the water. Let's go Dad!

What do you mean let's go home? I'm just warming up!


No one ever accused Skippy of not having the best seat in the house.

Dog's bed ? Who says it's the DOG'S bed ?

Boris understands the true meaning of relaxation.

You KNOW you want to give me a cookie

Mish Mish loves to make Dr. Foster crawl back and forth under the bed to catch her ... it's her favorite game.

Copper has been diagnosed with
terminal cuteness.

Scottie's job is to keep the bed warm until mom gets home.

I'm the innocent one ! - Tiny

Merlin has claimed this as ALL his !

Callie: Is that Dr. Foster again?!?!
Toto: Don't worry sis, I'll protect you!

Oh boy Oh boy! The Greenie lady is here! -Nemo

Winston catching some rays.

Penn & Teller trying to mastermind their escape.


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